About Us

RinkSport was started by the staff of the first US National Team and was modeled after the training camps for the elite US players.  The goal was to bring the best staff and most current technical knowledge to those who were aspiring to become elite players.  Several Olympians have attended RinkSport camps, but more impressive are the countless college players who spent their summers with us while in high school.

We offered our first girls hockey camp in 1993, and since then, RinkSport has offered programs all across North America and even in Europe.  Currently operating at Babson College near Boston, RinkSport is conveniently located near many colleges offering NCAA women’s ice hockey. Our success can be attributed to the excellent coaches, counselors, and especially campers that we have had over the years.  Many of our staff have been with RinkSport for over 10 years and we take great pride in our programs.

Thanks to the thousands of campers who gone on to great collegiate careers, for your support over the past 2 decades!


QUESTIONS? Please email kush@rinksport.com