RinkSport Staff

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RinkSport delivers an elite staff. We are invested in making an impact on young players and helping them achieve their goals.

2019 RinkSport Coaches (More to be added!)

Bill Mandigo: Middlebury College
Emily McNamara: Hamilton College
Mare McDougall: St. Lawrence University
Ashley Kilstein: Princeton University
Casey Handrahan: University of Connecticut
Lindsay Berman: Northeastern University
Chris Cobb: Dartmouth College
Celeste Brown: Penn State University
Tony Maci: Clarkson University
Tracy Johnson: Stevenson University
Jodi McKenna: Wesleyan University
Andy McPhee: Endicott College
Ashley Salerno: Middlebury College
Holley Tyng: Colby College
Tim Crowley: Elmira College
Dom Lozzi: UMass Boston