RinkSport is well known for offering an intense College Prep Program, which has helped thousands of NCAA student-athletes over the past 31 years. NCAA recruiting has evolved dramatically over time, with scouting and recruiting now occurring much earlier in prospect’s timeline. With this in mind, our College Prep Program is now open to rising High School Freshmen as well as Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

All of our programs feature a very experienced staff, most of whom are Head Coaches, Associate Head Coaches, or have served in that capacity at one point in their careers. Our staff represents a cross-section of women’s college hockey, from Division 1, Division 3, and National and Olympic teams, who come to RinkSport to impart their knowledge and experience, and to get to know some very promising prospects.

Our philosophy centers around the belief that successful college players possess these traits: Athletic Talent, Academic Strength, and Heart. Therefore, experienced players who are strong students and who love hockey and are the ones we are looking for.

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